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I even went out to eat with friends sometimes and would order a garden salad or for breakfast, an egg white omelet with veggies and one piece of cheese.Just remember it does take a persons body about 15-20 minutes to realize they are full.Especially people that are serious about jump starting their body into weight reduction mode and shrinking it down to a more agreeable size.We have had a lot of trips and events,but I have really reduced the portions I eat now and I try to use the bars provided for the main portion of my meal and just eat lightly when we go out.

As already mentioned above, there are no more Nutrisystem coupons and any you find on websites will be out of date.We (as a community), appreciate it and the chance to comment and tell our own version of our NS stories.I was wondering how to sign up with Nutrisystem cause I am seriously in need of losing some weight before Christmas and I want it to be as easy as I can make it.During the diet I did go out to eat and have a glass of wine periodically.You are still going to find advertisements for Nutrisystem everywhere you look.I wanted to loose a total of 16 pounds and was told by numerous NS consultants that I could do it in 2 months.

I did not excercise as I cannot due to an illness that causes extreme foot pain.I look forward to the next couple of weeks and reaching my goals.Seems a lot of folks are writing into this one site for some reason and I wanted to read them all to figure out why.I read this article and yeah, I can totally identify with what the author is saying on every point.If you can cook, you should go see a nutritionist or read up on nutrition and start cooking your own healthy meals to lose weight.Do you think that will make us take more notice of your complaining and whining.I get a few hundred or so people visit this page every day and its my way of giving something back by allowing everyone who wants to, to have their say.

Each of the Nutrisystem meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert) has some form of fiber in it.It is easy, i am not hungry and i love that i dont need to cook.

I used Nutrisystem in January of 2008 when I was weighing 270lbs.The only thing that sometimes bothered me was that I always cook healthy meals for my family and that meant they were eating better than me with a lot of the meals.Anyway, thanks for the review and all the many other articles you have here.Try extending to more than 30 minutes if you can — the longer the better.

The shakes could use alittle more flavor but that was expected.I used to have a similar site to yours until I sold it recently.

I have been on other diets before and felt starved between meals.Also, I feel bad about the amount of packaging I use every day.Tell yourself that every day, over and over how great you will always look and how slim you will always stay.I chose my own preferred customized plan to make it as pleasant for me as I could.I tried Jenny Craig about a year and a half ago and had to quit because the food made me so sick.

And if he knows so much about the finance side of things, then he sure shows his ignorance in reading and understanding a simple terms statement.I am going to start NS in a month or so and this site has helped me make my decision.Weeks 16-18. May 3,. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.I have a problem of my own with the plan, its the excess gas that I am experiencing with all the added vegetables.And you say that you lost weight with your own food, did you.

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With bottled sauces, read the label first cause some of them have hidden calories from added sugar or corn starch.I never had to make up stories for the kids as to why I was eating different stuff to them.

You can boost your metabolism by including some fresh vegetables with your main meal.It keeps me fit and I love watching the world go by at a pace that I can take it all in — not like in the car where it all flies by so fast.You can help yourself immensely by doing some light exercise while you are on the plan as well.I felt I had to write in and tell you all that I am still amazed at the results I got with NS.

They have to take any or all of the necessary steps to reduce their weight.The meals were too small and I felt hungry all the time so I ate peanut butter sandwiches between the meals.That works into my husbands schedule, he is away for 10 days and home for 4 and I want to surprize him with some weight loss when he is away.We are both very similar in build and height, only two years apart in age, my sister is younger, and neither of us smoke or drink much.I never once set foot inside a gym, and I probably never will.But no one is perfect and even a customer support person can have a bad day.They guy I spoke to on the phone was most helpful and had everything finalized real fast.Anyways, thanks for the great review and the chance to put my own two cents in about what I thought of it.

Packaged diet meals may just work for me since I have no time to cook.So I gave a few weeks worth to a co-worker who had encouraged me to give Nutrisystem a try in the first place and the food I gave her caused her the same issues despite her having been on the program for more than 3 months with no gas or stomach issues.I knew what I was getting into and I got pretty much what I expected.If i cancel after the 2nd delivery will i still be charged the extra shipping fees and price for the first month.Thanks for allowing us to share our thoughts with each other.They also snack on greasy junk food and gorge before their main meal and also up until bedtime.

Well, take it from me that you can keep going to the gym while on the Nutrisystem diet cause the food still has all the nutrients you need and the workouts will help you lose the weight faster.NS is working for me, although probably slower due to the meds.I wrote about it here: and shame on the food industry for telling us all its safe when it quite clearly is not.On the flip side, something like this can happen with any food product — it happens with supermarket ready meals too on occasion.There are plenty of differing views from real people who have tried the various plans and had a variety of results with them.Its always good to hear people are getting such amazing results with NS.But I have to agree with most folks that have written in that the food is pretty good and you can lose weight with this diet and the best part is it really was easy.If at any time you need support, or if you need to chat online with a support person you can.I guess I was looking for excuses and was pretty angry with myself that I let it get to where I needed to lose weight in the first place.